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The Knowing Hand

At long last, the creature has awakened from its slumber, to haunt the alleys and transfix your attention with shock and awe. It's going to be an exciting month for the band, as we take the Hand to JR's Lightbulb Club for what is sure to become a raucous Friday night October 10th in Fayetteville, AR. If you're not there, you may be measured to be equal on all sides, but at least all your angles will be right!

Bob Ketchum has given us time next Monday at Cedar Crest Studios. Hopefully under the current time restraints, we will have updated our original recordings, as well as a possible EP release before Oct. 31!

O Hallow's Eve. Where is the best place to go for all of your costumed tricks and musical treats? The Brickyard in Mountain Home, where we will be performing throughout the entirety of the evening; that's not to mention the contests and drink specials that will be going on. Be sure to check online frequently for any new recording developments/radio sessions that will be taking place. As always, feel free to help us out in any way with logo ideas, gigs, likes, and donations via our current merch or web link. If you can't or won't do any of the above, come see us! Embrace the unexpected, more will be coming soon.