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est. 2021

 Knowing Hand LLC is a dynamic studio rooted in the art of fine woodworking. With meticulous attention to detail and a deep reverence for the craft, we specialize in designing and fabricating exquisite wooden puzzle boxes, captivating secret compartment furniture, and a curated selection of other unique home goods. We also teach classes! Each piece  that leaves our hands is born of a reverence for wood, a love of makers, and a desire to sustain a creative and inquisitive world.

How it all began

Knowing Hand sprouted from the creative practice of Justin Seow, an award winning artist, designer and craftsperson (and generally funny and competent website designer). Born and raised in Madison, WI,  Justin's artistic journey evolved from an education in furniture design into a mind boggling foray into the deep territories of puzzle boxes, giving rise to Knowing Hand in 2021. Fueled by a passion for woodworking and design, and informed by an deep sense of social and environmental responsibility, Knowing Hand is blossoming into a haven where woodworking can be celebrated and shared with all. With every project and creation, Knowing Hand breathes life into the timeless artistry of woodworking, stoking the creative flames of makers in the making.

The "U" in "Us"

We want YOU in this space. We want all of you, every aspect in its fullest joy and we will foster a space where we will thrive. We value the diverse perspectives of our communities and are committed to creating an environment that values the voices of all people, inclusive of  all the intersections of marginalized identities. Here, we want you at the Center. This space is for you. "-ists" and "-phobics" that seek to make members in our spaces feel unwelcomed will be asked to leave. 

What We Offer


Puzzle Boxes

Discover the allure of puzzle boxes—an exquisite fusion of art and mystery. Delve into the world of intricate wooden craftsmanship, where hidden compartments and intricate mechanisms await. Unleash your curiosity and explore our collection. Learn more and unlock the secrets that lie within.



Ignite your passion for woodworking through our comprehensive education offerings. Learn essential skills, techniques, and unleash your creativity under the guidance of experienced artisans. Dive into the world of woodworking and embark on a transformative learning journey.



Bring your vision to life with our bespoke commission-based furniture and puzzle box service. Collaborate with a skilled artisans to create custom pieces that reflect your unique style and preferences. We want to makes your wildest dreams a reality. Have a piece as unique and incredible as you are.

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